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Popularization of Science from theory to action

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Mohammad Hassanzadeh
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According to the importance of popularization of science and its crucial role in scientific development of people from any social cast and providing them with awareness of science, ir is necessary to pay attention to its main success. Main part of success factors belonging to science popularization is of actors and instruments they employ to reach in goals. Investigations on the popularization of science in Iran remark weaknesses and vague horizons and balk of difficultirs at this respect as well. Attentions to popularization of science in many sectors is not as serious as attentions is payed to production of science.

This research conducted using both ducument study and survey methods strived to draw a realistic view of  science popularization in Iran. For that, popularization of science in some countries from developed and developing world was studied. USA, UK, China, Turkey and South Africa were the countires which investigated due to provide a holistic view of actors and instruments they use to popularize scince among peopole.

Secondly, an investigation was done to survey the situation of popularization of science in Iran through organizations and practitioners which are commited in action. In addition, to reach in clear understanding of policeis and guidelines all of top policy document such as IRI constitution, genral policies enacted by IRI expediency council, fourth development program (2005 – 2009), the future outlook of the IRI in the hotizon of the next two decades were studied.

finally, view points of some 15 experts commited in popularization of science all over the country articulated by interview. Through interviews, researchers tried to extract definitions of popularization of science, its importance, state_of the_art in Iran and obstacles and difficulties as well. Conlusion of collected data used to draw a proposed solutions to improve the effectiveness of actors anf instruments of science popularization in Iran.


National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran is a think tank in the fields of science and technology policy-making and research in the country.

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