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Persian as a Language of Science

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Adel Rafyie, Reza M. Sahra'i
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This research aims to review the characteristics of the scientific register of Persian and propose solutions to strengthen this register. After reviewing the characteristics of the scientific, colloquial, and literary register of the language, the word formation processes are described and compared both in Persian and in English scientific and colloquial registers. Four criteria of
transmission of the message, use of nonmotivated-arbitrary /motivated-nonarbitrary signs, measure of polysemy, and the measure of use of linguistic/literary constructs in message conveyance are used. Using these criteria, it is determined that the scientific works and literary works, either with respect to their communicational role, or in respect to the type of signs
used in them, as well as the characteristics of these signs, have major differences.After determining the characteristics of the scientific register of language, the word formation system in the scientific and colloquial registers are described and compared, first in the Persian, and then in the English. By doing this, it is clarified that, firstly, the word formation system of the scientific register is inclined to have and use its own specific mechanisms which are different from those used by the colloquial register. Secondly, the most important process used in the scientific word formation process is derivation. Having considered the results from the analysis of data, and presupposing the necessity to focus on word formation tools rather than the word formation products in order to strengthen the scientific register of Persian, solutions are proposed in the intra-lingual and extra-lingual spheres. In the intra-linguistic suggestions, the tools needed by

the scientific register of Persian, and the possible resources to extract them, are focused upon. In the extra-linguistic sphere, solutions are proposed to improve acceptance of the elements
needed in the scientific register of Persian, their standardization,and activation.


National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran is a think tank in the fields of science and technology policy-making and research in the country.

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