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An Introduction to Knowledge and Technology Absorptive Capacity: The Neglected Key to Development

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Hamid Kazemi; Shohreh Nasri; Aida Mohajeri
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Addressing the issue of absorptive capacity, has a specific position in today’s competitive conditions. Accordingly, in this book, it has been tried to study the most important concepts and issues related to this field. The book content have been structured in seven chapters. In the first chapter, to clarify the importance of absorptive capacity, economic paradigms and their evolution path will be introduced till the emergence of the learning economy, as a new and transformative paradigm in today’s global economy. Absorptive capacity is a topic which has a great role in the emergence of this new paradigm creating widespread evolutions in the manner of nations’ technological progress and consequently, their economic growth and globalization.
Given that in the context of learning economy, technological progress has an irrefutable necessity and also considering the role of absorptive capacity as a stimulant element, in the second chapter, it has been tried to propose a rational path about the progress manner, within a clear framework. With this approach, after introducing latecomer firms and countries, while defining the notion of technology transfer and it’s channels as a path for knowledge and technology transfer, the issue of technological learning and it’s models will be discussed and then catch up and technological spillover concepts will be explained. In the third chapter, while introducing absorptive capacity notion, definition and origin, some explanations about potential and realized components of absorptive capacity and also its affecting factors and process will be investigated. In the following, while addressing the notion of protective capacity, relevance of this field with the concept and
management of absorptive capacity and organizational openness will be posed. Since the concept of absorptive capacity has originated through some related concepts like organizational learning, innovation, dynamic capabilities, knowledge based view and …, it has been tried to render some explanations about theoretical roots of this issue in the fourth chapter. Different levels of absorptive capacity like individual, organizational, industrial regions, business unit, cluster, paired group and national level will be investigated in the fifth chapter, and because of the importance of national absorptive capacity, it will be discussed in a separate chapter. Also because of the importance of knowledge transfer in each of the proposed levels, problems, barriers and the most important issues related to knowledge transfer will be investigated under the title of knowledge stickiness. 


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