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Analysis and Assessment of Science and Technology Policy in Iran Based on Foresight Approach

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Amir Hushang Heidari; Mohsen Keshavarz Turk
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f we have a general overview of the field of science and technology policy in Iran, we will find questions and aspects of complexity that ignoring and neglecting it has led to the conception of the science and technology policy that the construction of a building on unstable ground. The vision of unsustainable public policies and its development into sustainable areas of science and technology policy-making will intensify when government organizations engage with one another. The introduction of a foresight based on "participatory" and "cumulative" models of science and technology policy, as well as belief in the introduction of knowledge and a futures approach in the entire country's policy process, will lead us to obtain the desired policies, towards success.
This book contains seven chapters. The first chapter deals with theoretical basis of policy evaluation. First, there is a glimpse of the history of policy evaluation. The second chapter, titled Policy Evaluation in Iran, addresses the assessment of politics in the system. The third chapter focuses on the conceptual and applied literature of the foresight. This chapter refrains from introducing the preliminary discussions of prehistoric discussions and introduces newer topics emphasizing the use of foresight in different areas.
The fourth chapter examines the interaction between knowledge and politics and the future state. In Chapter 5, the prospects for the impact assessment of policy-making are outlined. This chapter will review the implications of the futures policy and the impacts of policy on foresight activities in several countries. In Chapter VI, the conceptual model of the evaluation of science and technology policy based on the foresight present, and the levels and aspects of the conceptual model are examined. In chapter seven, the lessons learned of the evaluation of science and technology policy precise. 


National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran is a think tank in the fields of science and technology policy-making and research in the country.

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