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Innovation Management and New Product Development

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Paul Trott
Mohsen Emami; Ebrahim Souzanchi Kashani
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This book is one of the famous books in the field of innovation studies. The current edition is that latest available version in the market, which is written by Professor Paul Trott from Portsmouth University, and is published by one of the greatest publishers in the work, i.e. Pearson. There are some important features in the book that distinguishes it from others. First is that it has been articulated based on a business management approach? There are lots of studies in the field of innovation as Fagerbert and Martin characterized those studies. They emphasized that the two wings of innovation studies are business and management, on the one hand, and economics, on the other hand. Other fields such as sociology, psychology, political sciences and so on are recently started to contribute. As a result, this book is strong in terms of its business approach. However, it is evident that the start of innovation studies were about by economics scholars and business thinkers started to work on this issue by about 3 decades lag. Some top thinkers like Christensen, Hamel, Chesbourgh, Nonaka, Teece, Winter and so on, started to discuss innovation in 1990s. The first edition of this book is published in 1988. Since then, it has been modified 5 times to cover the latest findings in the field of innovation management. The second character of the book is that it is concentrated on product innovation. Product innovation is a type of innovation along with process innovation, organizational innovation or supply chain innovation and market innovation. However, these types of innovation are not distinct in a way that product innovation is more comprehensive. To launch a new product, a product needs to change its current processes, organizational routines, supply chain and even its current market. Needless to say that by product, we mean both goods and services. The third feature of is its good coverage of new product development, which is a very complex process. Many organizations fail in the stages of new product development because they are not able to manage it properly. Pavitt provides a classification of stages of innovation in an organization begins with new technical knowledge, then its transformation into a new product and finally successful market entry and protecting the product and technology in the market. New product development has more to do with the second stage. Lots of literature on management of technology discusses the issues in the first stage. Nevertheless, the second part of the book provides interesting discussions about development of new technical knowledge in chapters 8-10. Protecting technology and product are the issues that we could find in chapters 2-5. This translation covers chapters 1-7 which provides a comprehensive approach to managing innovation and represents a complete tool boxes in the field. The second volume of the book, from chapter 8 to the end, discusses the development of new technical knowledge and new product development. Hence, the first volume is about theories and approaches and tools, the second volume is more about detailed techniques. It is hoped that this translation could contribute in raising the level of knowledge about innovation within the country.



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