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Developing an Iranian Pattern for Popularization of Science

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According to the 20- Year Vision Document of the Country, Iran should achieve the highest status in the field of science and technology in the region in a certain period of time. Therefore, the mission and duty of popularization of science as one of the pillars of the Country’s success in the field of science and technology should be identified and the Country should move on that basis in accordance with the guidelines.

According to the macroeconomic documents of science and technology system, one of the main issues is the transformation of science into the main discourse of the society, which leads to a favorable environment for the production of science and technology. The most obvious cost that must be paid for the society's attention to science is its social cost, that is the urgent need for paying attention to a runaway subject, such as science, requires the formulation of a model in which the pillars of the system for the popularization of science are put into the agenda.

A futuristic approach to address the objectives of the Vision Document reminds us of the need to pay attention to a specific pattern in popularization of science and technology. The formulation of a model for popularization of science prompts the country to fill the gap between the production of science and popularization of science as soon as possible. The design and development of a model for popularization of science and technology is the goal of this project.

The activities of popularization of science in Iran are vast and diverse. With a quick look at the popularization of science in Iran, one can see dispersion and decentralization, and in many cases spontaneously in it. In fact, in Iran, the production of science has more policy-makers in comparison with the popularization of science. Therefore, the expansion of scientific culture in the society and popularization of science has been less well received. While it should always be borne in mind that the popularization and production of science should both be implemented simultaneously and at the same time in the society in order to allow the development of a scientifically balanced society.

In order to realize the ultimate goal of the policy of popularization of science in the Country that engages all strata of the society, to develop a model for the popularization of science is not only necessary, but it is also vital. The necessity of compiling such a model as an upstream document indicates that we are looking for a framework, principles, and goals by which to represent the orientations, principles, and horizons of society's movement.

Considering the newness of these studies in Iran and lack of a comprehensive study in this regard and lack of a specific pattern for activities of the popularization of science in the country, it is necessary to first design a model for the popularization of science in the country, in order to be able to assess the various departments and institutions involved. This strategy determines the necessity of finding a suitable model for the country's capacities to promote science.

The model for popularization of science, in fact, represents our ideals and ultimate ends in a rational and systematic set. Without a specific pattern for the popularization of science, our orientation for the popularization of science will not be precise.

The purpose of the effort to develop a model for the popularization of science at the national level is essentially as follows:

  • Draw up the current state of the popularization of science in the country (history of actions undertaken, studying institutions involved, reviewing allocated budgets, evaluating the effectiveness of actions undertaken, studying existing programs and,
  • Drawing an international perspective on the status of popularization of science in other countries (including the study of the status of the popularization of science in the developed countries and countries that are comparable to Iran in terms of growth).
  • Propose practical frameworks and plans for moving from the present status to a favorable situation.
  • The main purpose of this project is to "develop a model for the popularization of science in Iran"
  • Draw up the state of the Country on the actions and programs implemented in the field of popularization of science
  • Draw a favorable perspective for the country by focusing on international experiences in popularization of science.
  • Provide solutions for moving from the current state to the desired state.

At present, even graduate students of universities are not familiar with the methods of popularization of science. Therefore, popularization of science, as well as the benefits that the citizens will receive through it, requires a rational and correct system of execution that can be expressed in terms of resources and capacities in different fields.‬


National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran is a think tank in the fields of science and technology policy-making and research in the country.

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