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A Survey of some Foresight Projects in Futures Studies in Diferent Countries: Themes From the West and the East

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Ali Paya, Amir Hushang Heidari, Yahya Emami, Hassan Heshmati, Ali Akbar Navabi, Kuros Sedighi
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360000 Rials

The book at a glance:

The present anthology is based on detailed reports concerning activities in the field of Futures Studies (mostly Foresight practices) in sixteen countries worldwide and also in the European Union published by official authorities and institutions in the above countries.

The aim in compiling this work, which consists of eighteen chapters, has been to provide Iranian readers, whether policymakers, academics, or interested members of the public, with a comprehensive summary of the most important aspects of the original reports.

A Survey of Some Futures Studies Exercises in Different Countries: Themes From the West and the East therefore presents to those Iranian readers who may not have access to the original reports, or may not have time to study them in full, a detailed and informative summary account of the main aspects of those reports.

The countries whose reports on their Futures Studies activities are included in the present anthology are as follows: Germany, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Austria, Hungry, Greece, Turkey, United States of America, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia, South Korea, and China.

Some of the chapters of the book consist of summaries of a number of independent Futures Studies practices in the countries under study. Full bibliographical information concerning each and every one of the reports used in the present anthology is available in the Appendix section of the book.

Although each of the chapters of the book is a summary of one or some extensive reports, however, since even these ‘comprehensive summaries’ constitute bulky chapters to help readers to catch an informative ‘glimpse’ of the gist of each chapter, an ‘Executive Summary’ of all chapters of the book is provided. Also to further help Iranian researchers in the field of Futures Studies, a Persian-English glossary of technical terms is included in the Appendix section.


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