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A glance into the altmetrics and their application in the evaluation of science and technology

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Firoozeh Dokhani, Shima Moradi.
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The book at a glance

Citation indicators of science have been developed as an evaluation criteria since the 1960s. The acquaintance of the researchers with bibliometric from theoretical, empirical and statistical viewpoints provided the basis for the development of these indices, along with the creation of scientometrics publications, related training courses and scientometrics units in organizations, universities, and institutes. These criteria delivered new tools for assessing science and technology by attracting the scientific community and presenting various national and international events. At the same time, there were researches conducted on citation data, theoretical aspect of scientometrics, researchers’ citation behaviors, and visualization of bibliographic indicators, and this trend continues.

In recent years, the advent of the social web and the attention of researchers to these indicators have positioned science at a similar point in development as of 1960s. At present, the scientific community has witnessed the emergence of other bibliometric indicators, such as Altmetrics. The subject which currently is one of the most popular research topic that examines the potential of web resources as an effective social indicator. These metrics are used not only for non-traditional evaluations of the web resources in science and technology; but also, non-traditional indicators of the digital world, they can reflect the social and non-scientific effects of research outputs. Therefore, altmetrics are the mention of scientific/technological outputs on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Blogs, Citation management tools such as Mendeley, News media, and so forth. Since these online indices monitor online interactions of digital resources in the research cycle, they can reflect the wider image of scientific and technological impact.

Today, there are numerous increasing resources on the issues related to altmetrics which are available to others. In the meantime, there is a gap of resources which enlightens the practical usage of them. This was the main motive for the preparation of the current book by the authors. The first chapter is a brief glimpse of almetrics and their dimensions, with regard to their strengths and weaknesses. Then the use of altemtrics in the evaluation of science and technology, the application of them by librarians, and the future of altmetric are discussed. In order to develop the practical skills of librarians, some recommendations are provided in the final chapter.


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