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Essays on Futures Studies

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Saied Khazayi, Mostafa Hosseini Golkar
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The book at a glance:

The establishment of new fields - especially in interdisciplinary space - faces a number of challenges. Many researchers traverse this path with theirs Assumptions & Mentalities in fragmented and sometimes even contradictory, consolidated and spread. In such a situation comprehensive geometry of field were not mapped or not consensus and many titles have not reached maturity, or not known enough.
"Essays" in such an environment shaped and often are an indicator of advice for new required research fields. Many important entries that still have not their original position in a evolving whole knowledge, find a proper place. Essays also help researchers to logging the edges of knowledge and find the original objects of research.
This Book in four general discussions deals the formation of future studies, epistemological foundations, methodology and Scenario-planning. Ideas of Numerous thinkers and various spectrum – including H. G. Wels, Wendell Bell, Slater, Inayatollah and others - were analyzed and the challenges of the present and future of Futures Studies is discussed. These Essays started from the premises and historical topics and it leads close examination of the Scenario-planning - that known as the ideal output of F. S.
This Essays tries that philosophical diversity, thematic, conceptual and methodological approaches and different schools in Futures Studies be considered.



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