The training workshop entitled “Science and Scientific Terms” was jointly held by NRISP and Iranian Association for Popularization of Sciences on Monday, July, 15, 2019 at NRISP with the presence of primary and high school teachers.

 Dr.Vesali, the faculty member of Shahid Rajaee University and the instructor of the workshop said; the concept of the popularization of sciences is that people can understand the world and science. Therefore, scientific concepts must be described in such a way that the general public can understand it. He added:  we should not create a false understanding of science between people and do not let our beliefs affect science and science transfer, because science is an integrated collection.

He said: learning and right understanding of science is to learn how to find an answer to our questions. We need to learn science so that we can use it and find answers to our questions through scientific thinking. Science and theories alone do not solve any question, but give us the ability to answer.

He emphasized that the teaching of scientific concepts should not be modeled and that the teaching method should be taught.

The training workshop ended with asking a few questions raised by the participants and reviewing their comments.