John Nixon's book "Towards the Virtuous University” was reviewed on Saturday June, 15, 2019 at NRISP.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Khodaparast, the translator of the book said: the main idea behind this book is to revitalize the university's position as an institution that has the status of moral leadership in the civil society. According to the author of the book, the revival of virtues in civil society is the main mission of university, and the university must work to preserve freedom and ethics in civil society. Dr. Khodaparast added: university with the virtues of honesty, respect and magnanimity can become the moral authority of the civil society.

Noting that the virtuous university does not interfere with virtuous academics, Dr. Sheikhrezaee, NRISP faculty member said: it is not necessary for university to take on civil responsibilities, if academics become virtuous. He added: the discourse of our society today is the discourse of management, and knowledge is regarded as a commodity, therefore the knowledge commercialization and entrepreneurship university are talked about. In the end, he stressed on the priority of university autonomy from the institution of state.

Dr. Meysam Khoshsefid, faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University, also addressed the issue of tensions between university and virtue. He added: universities must be classified; it is not necessary for all universities to look for the truth, but for some universities, it is necessary to make money and be entrepreneur. Dr. Khoshsefid concluded: "If there is no friendship in the universities, there will not be any room for dialogue."

Emphasizing that this book is suitable for UK universities, Dr. Shapour Etemad, the Manager of Science and Society group at NRISP said: science is created by a teacher-student relationship at the university, and if this relationship is restored, the issue of plagiarism will also be solved.

At the end of the meeting, some of the audiences raised questions which were answered by the aforementioned professors.