Specialized roundtable on “Introducing the Concepts, Foundations and Models of Technology Roadmap” was held on Monday July, 22, 2019at NRISP with the efforts of NRISP Futures Studies Research Group.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Amirhoushang Heidari, Director of Futures Studies Research Group at NRISP gave some explanations about the Futures Studies Group. Then Dr. Hamed Kashani, lecturer and researcher in the fields of futures studies and aerospace described the concepts, foundations and models of technology roadmap and emphasized; the basis for any future-oriented planning is prediction.

Referring that Futuristic approach is a holistic and integrated approach, Dr. Kashani said; the failure of some predictions should not lead to its abandonment. Then pointing out that technology is growing fast today, he added; at present futures studies is a good tool for planning.

He also explained about the futures studies in technology and said; when we talk about technology foresight, we have an operational look at the short-term horizon, but when we look at the long- term horizon, we have to focus on strategy development.

Dr. Kashani also stated; in mid-term futures studies, we should be able to engage the short-term and long-term horizons. He added; the type of thinking in short-term futures studies is gradual, continuous, and evolutionary, while in the long-term horizon, the type of thinking is broad, disconnected, and convergent.

Dr. Kashani added; technology must be functional and can be commercialized. Technology is being measured with its age and maturity. He emphasized; teaching, culture building, and introducing the technology to all those involved in planning and policy making are more important than having a standard for the technology.

At the end of the meeting, some of the audiences raised questions which were answered Dr. Heidari and Dr. Kashani.