Dr. Sahar Kousari, faculty member of Science Policy Department at NRISP gave a lecture on “The Models and Methodology of Innovation Ecosystem Development” on the 7th.of March, 2018.

Referring to the necessities and considerations that should be taken into account in the development of the ecosystem, she explained about the lessons from a practical experience: great determination and co-consensus among actors are imperative in the development of the ecosystem. In fact, when we look at the issues with the attention of the ecosystem, the nature of the institutions is not lost, and their functions are maintained, and cooperation between them coexists with competition.

The government can also help develop the ecosystem by providing the necessary premises without directly interfering in the structure, behavior and performance of the market and help to develop the ecosystem by maintaining its order. And in the event of a market failure, there is a need for government intervention to combat such failure and disability.

Dr. Kousari defined the innovation ecosystem as a network of innovation ecosystem which is composed of actors around the central value that depend on each other for their success and survival”. Referring to the importance of interdisciplinary cooperation in this development, she said: when a value is set to develop or a platform is developed, individuals with different disciplines should be present in technical, legal and business related discussions in order to achieve the necessary synergy.

She emphasized: "any member of the innovation ecosystem will ultimately partner with the others in the fate of the network". She described the formation of current ecosystems on the basis of the models of cost reduction, increased perceived value of the product, integration / intermediary, technology providers and infrastructure providers model. She also added: the logic of these models is based on the value created for the actor.

At the end of the speech, she reviewed the impact and effectiveness matrix between the stakeholders, completion of the three-tiered model and the way the actors are organized and said: the most important part of the ecosystem is the core value that needs to be developed; consequently, determining this priority in the development of the ecosystem is important and necessary.

By: Niksiar