The Seminar on “National Network of Policy Research of Science, Technology and Innovation” was held at NRISP on 29th July 2017. In this seminar, the importance of networking in the field of policymaking and also the conceptual framework of the network were discussed. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Kazemi, NRISP President welcomed the audiences and emphasized on the necessity and the process of establishing this network and the need for cooperation and support by science and technology actors. He mentioned National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) has been a think tank in the fields of science and technology policy-making and research for the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, I.R. Iran, but we have tried to extend and develop its missions to the whole country, because we do believe in structural changes, prepare the grounds and select a professional, creative and interested team to do great things in order to achieve the determined goals. Therefore, we have added the National Network of Policy Research to the formal structure of NRISP.

Then Dr. Bagheri Moghaddam, NRISP Research Deputy and the Head of National Network of Policy Research of Science, Technology and Innovation explained about challenges, priorities and basic needs of this Network.  He gave some explanations about the launch of this network. He said; the country's research centers are doing research for specific purposes like scattered islands with limited communications with other research centers and this hinders synergy to achieve the country's major goals. The Network can share the practical and scientific experiences of these centers to benefit from the results by linking them. Policy-making in the fields of science and technology is not possible without communication with economics, law and sociology, and even foreign policy. Therefore, it is necessary to make communication between science policy centers and other areas of the country.

By: Niksiar