The NRISP Desk of Social Studies of Science, University, Technology and Innovation organized a conference on “Academic Wisdom and the Future of Iranian Society” with the partnership of Department of Sociology of Science and Technology of Iranian Sociological Association on Tuesday, 18 January, 2018 at NRISP. The following university professors and experts gave lectures on the specific topics:

. Name of the Speaker Topic
1 Dr. Reza Mahozi From Plato Academy to Kantian University
2 Dr. Mahmoud Nejat Hosseini The Paradox of the Idea of University in Iran; the Problem of Rationality in Iranian Universities
3 Dr. Mehdi Mesbahian Giving Opportunity to University to See
4 Dr. Rahim Mohammadi The End of the Era of Intellectual and University Equivalence in Iran; a Discussion on the Reopening of the University During the Post-revolution Era
5 Esmaeil Khalili The Reality of the University and the Issue of Wisdom
6 Dr. Reza Samim Relationship Between Government and University in Iran: An Explanation from the Perspective of Historical Sociology
7 Dr. Gholamreza Zaker Salehi The University which Was ….
8 Ali Nejat Gholami Future of Iranian University in the Perfection of Geometry of Objects
9 Dr. Nahal Riazi Iranian University: Idea and Reality
10 Dr. Mostafa Mehraein Academic Wisdom and the Ignorance of the Society
11 Dr. Maghsoud Farasatkhah Academic Wisdom and the Future of Iranian Society
12 Dr. Nematollah Fazeli Education; the Issue of University in Iran Today
13 Dr. Mohammad Amin Ghaneirad University and Cultural Wisdom Production

The Conference ended with some discussions and raising critical issues on the above-mentioned topics.