The first meeting of the Editorial Board of Rahyaft Science Policy Quarterly at this year was held on Sunday, July 15, 2018 at NRISP. Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science and the Head of NRISP, as the Managing Director of the Journal and Dr. Akram ghadimi, Dr. Hadi Khaniki, Dr. Maghsoud Farasatkhah, Dr. Farideh Osareh, Dr. Mohammad Reza Hosseini Beheshti and Dr. Salehi Omran were present as members of the Editorial Board.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ahmadi welcomed the audience and said, "Let's start the meeting with a reminder of Dr. Ghaneirad, the previous Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, and reading the Fatiha for him."

Then he gave some explanations about NRISP scientific journals; the Journal of Science and Technology Policy, as a scientific- research journal, is in a good position. Rahyaft Science Policy Quarterly is also an old magazine that has been entrusted to NRISP since 2001and is known as a scientific- promotive journal in the field of science, technology and innovation policy. With the efforts made by the colleagues, especially the late Dr. Ghaneirad, Rahyaft is expected to fill a portion of the existing gap between the scientific community of the country and the audiences (general and specific).

Then Dr. Ghadimi said; the journals's approach has shifted to the focus on technology and innovation since being assigned to NRISP. Due to the oldness of this journals, Rahyaft has been registered at various databases and is available on the NRISP website with a separate page, where all the articles of the journal are accessible.

To be more productive, Dr. Ghadimi suggested; in addition to the articles, Rahyaft could contain scientific news of the day, interviews in related fields, introduce and criticize the books, introduce research centers and report on meetings and conferences related to the field of science, technology and innovation policy and also can provide useful policy reports for policymakers as specific audiences.

Dr. Ahmadi also considered changes necessary in doing the work, such as publishing special bulletins or other attachments in order to keep the magazine and to have strong and sustained audiences.

Dr. Frasatkhah while confirming the suggestions of Dr. Ghadimi, said; let's take that social image of Rahyaft be kept as it has not simply achieved.

Dr. Khaniki then referred to his experience as editor- in- chief of scientific-research and scientific-promotive publications of the Iranian Association for Cultural and Communication Studies and said; for Rahyaft inputs, we should look for people who are thinkers in the field of science policy. The Association for the Popularization of Science can also play a role in mediation. On the other hand, at present our scientific-research journals are not ordered and this has led to their passivity. It is important that such journals are being ordered and accepted.

Also, Dr. Osareh said; holding panel discussions to provide better solutions and use of international cooperation by custom articles will highlight the position of the Journal.

For summing up the end of the meeting, Dr. Ahmadi announced the publication of Rahayat as a journal of policy research in science, technology and innovation, and emphasized on its status as a scientific- promotive journal.

It is also worth noting that, according to Dr. Ahmadi's proposal, the members of the editorial board agreed unanimously with Dr. Ghadimi as Editor-in Chief of Rahyaft and the structure and policy of Rahyaft were approved by them.

By: Niksiar