Meeting about "Challenges and Issues raised at the Research Management Workshop in Berlin" was held on Saturday, September 30 at NRISP. Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister and Head of the NRISP and other participants in the workshop and Research experts in Iran were also participated at this meeting. 

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ahmadi referred to the issues raised in the workshop, highlighting the transfer of experience and increased cooperation between Iran and Germany as one of the most important goals of the workshop. He also said that due to Germany's long experience in the field of research management we should be able to change the structure of research centers by formulating a roadmap and continuously utilizing the experience of this workshop.

"The Germans at the highest level have done the right job segregation properly, which is one of the reasons for their success," said Professor Ghare Pattian, an advisor to the head of the Niru Research Institute, who summarized his findings from a workshop in Berlin. He added: Private sector involvement is also one of the things to consider, and in Germany we have seen the use of the private sector very important. The advisor to the head of the Niru Research Institute said that three key management steps are well implemented in Germany: "Policy, support and supervision are three important management steps that are well implemented in German research management." "The focus of research managers on research is another factor that has made Germany successful," he said. Professor Gharabtian concluded: "Research management within the research institute and research management between the research institutes are two issues that can be addressed in the Tehran workshop."

Dr Nasrin Nourshahi, head of the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, emphasized that the cooperation between Iran and Germany has always been positive and effective: "The division of national responsibilities in the field of research is one of our most important problems in managing research, and if we want to move forward in this Moving on to the field, we must reform the division of national responsibilities in the field of research. He said that by creating a steering council we would have to identify and define the problem so that we could determine the title of the workshop. Dr. Nourshahi said that becoming a research management organization and evaluation organization of research centers is two important issues.

Dr Farhang Fasihi, secretary of the High Energy Commission for Science, Research and Technology, said: "We have good upstream documentation, but in fact, good effectiveness does not happen." He added: "We have to hold meetings in virtual or in-person ways to look at the challenges and to the extent that we have the capacity to select and address two issues." Dr Fasihi added: "In our country all the elements such as documents, facilities, researcher and human resources are good but there is no good relationship between them.

Afterwards, after presenting comments and feedback on the research management workshop held in Berlin, the participants expressed their views on holding this workshop in Tehran and emphasized the importance of holding it.

Dr Akram Ghadimi,  also pointed out that such workshops should be used as an opportunity: "We must have a working group in parallel with this workshop so that we can prepare a document for performing the research management here.

The International Workshop on Research Management Training for Some of the managers of the Iranian research institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Energy Research Institute.