The meeting on “Examining the Popularization of Science Activities of The Ministries and Headquarters of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology

 ” with the aim of identifying the status quo of popularization of science in different organizations of the country was held at NRISP on Wednesday Jun, 27, 2018 with the presence of Dr. Akram Ghadimi, Director of Popularization of Science Research Group at NRISP; Dr. Hossein Sheikh-Rezaei, faculty member of Popularization of Science Research Group at NRISP; Dr. Elahe Hejazi, faculty member of Tehran University; and the Representatives from Ministry of Education, Ministry of Petroleum, Ministry of Agriculture Jihad, Ministry of Health and Medical Education, State Welfare Organization of Iran, and Headquarters of Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ghadimi explained the activities undertaken for popularization of science in the country and the purpose of designing the model and said; at present, organizations and institutions have scattered and occasional activities for popularization of science and there is no specified framework based on policy, tool, financial credit, human capital and timing. Regarding this situation, the purpose of this project is to study the status quo of popularization of science at national level, studying and analyzing successful international examples in the field of popularization of science, and finally presenting a model for policy making and implement strategies for moving from the present state to a desirable state.

Director of Popularization of Science Research Group, pointing out Iran said; the production of science in comparison with the popularization of science has more advocates at the policy level, and the spread of scientific culture in society and the popularization of science have been less well-known. It should always be borne in mind that the popularization of science and production of science should both be combined together at a time in order to allow the development of a scientifically balanced society. 

Subsequently, the Representatives explained the activities carried out in their field of work as follows:

Dr. Fatemeh Mohajerani, Head of the National Organization for the Development of Exceptional Talents and Deputy Minister of Education said about brilliant talent schools; the way these schools work has changed in recent years. In this regard, the great scientific concepts that are being developed at the Headquarters of the Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology, such as cognitive science, are defined as projects for students, so that the products produced from these studies could be converted to ideas, patents and articles or could be judged.

Dr. Farzaneh Sharifzad, Representative of the Stem Cell Headquarter at the Vice Presidency for Science and Technology stated; the headquarters’ goal is to reduce the gap between science and industry and create third-generation universities. To do this job, we had good cooperation with educational and research centers.


In the course of this meeting, other Representatives explained the status quo of the Popularization of Science in the organizational structure of their institution.

By: Niksiar