The first meeting on “Evaluating the Design and Architecture of Research and Technology System of Petroleum Ministry” with the aim of reviewing and analyzing the challenges and obstacles in the way of the Petroleum Ministry’s research and technology system, as well as discussing the requirements for optimal design of this system was held at NRISP on December16, 2017.

Dr. Baghri Moghadam; NRISP Vice-President for Research and Technology, Dr. Abbas Maleki; faculty member of Sharif University of Technology; Dr. Ali Maleki and Dr. Javad Noori, faculty members of the Research Institute for Science, Technology and Industry Policy of Sharif University of Technology; Dr. Hadi Nilfrooshan, faculty member of Shahid Beheshti University; and Dr. Reza Naghizadeh, faculty member of NRISP attended at this meeting and expressed their points of view on the challenges and issues such as the efficiency, improvement and effectiveness of the system of research and technology and also, the requirement to examine the scope of this system and the integrity of the research system with the technology system with regard to the current petroleum industry conditions and to study the application of the concept of learning and technology transfer in this system, as well as how to have an integrated system with respect to the privatization process of affiliated companies.

Dr. Bagheri Moghadam pointed out that there were some criticisms of the research and technology system in the new government. It should be said that the system was designed for a certain time, because at present some sections of the Petroleum Ministry have been privatized and it does not match that situation, also, Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (BARJAM) has created common research spaces with foreign partners. On the other hand, the discussion of the effectiveness of the research and technology system should be examined. For this reason, NRISP is being responsible for the study of design and architecture of research and technology system of Petroleum Ministry.  In this regard, field studies have been carried out on the state of the system in the Petroleum Ministry and the challenges faced by it, and the initial design of this system has already begun. He added; in this meeting, we plan to discuss these challenges and the initial design and use the views of the audiences to improve it."

In the course of the meeting, the challenges identified in the research and technology system of Petroleum Ministry were presented using the views of experts and stakeholders in this field.

By: Niksiar