The meeting of examining Dr. Mohammadamin Ghaneirad's resume was held at the Institute for Humanities and Cultural Studies on Tuesday, July 10, 2018. The ceremony was attended by Dr. Mustafa Mehraeen, faculty member of Science and Society Research Group at NRISP and colleague of the deceased; Dr. Seyed Mohammad Reza Hosseini Beheshti; Dr. Gholamreza Zakersalahi; Dr. Nematollah Fazeli; Dr. Maghsoud Farasatkhah; Dr. Mohammad Salar Kasraee; Dr. Seyed Ayatollah Mirzaee; Dr. Hossein Mirzaee; Dr. Seyed Javad Miri and Dr. Malek Shojaei Jashoughani. Each of them lectured on a work from Dr. Ghaneirad.

At the beginning, Dr. Mehraeen raised the question of if Dr. Ghaneirad can survive in the history of our thought? Then he said; "my answer to this question is yes, but it is conditional”. He added: “I would say that neither he nor any of the professors in our country are thinkers, because the system of promotion has become a concern for all". In fact, this system destroys us and prevents us from being friends. However, Dr. Ghaneirad can be compared to Weber because both of them are close to science and politics.

He further commented on the ideas of the late Dr. Ghaneirad about a philosopher named Hannah Arendt: according to Hannah Arendt in totalitarian governments, the goal is to say that human beings are essentially extant, and this is what Dr. Ghaneirad fights with. Hannah Arendt's discussion is also about public space and totalitarianism. In his opinion, humans either labor or work or act. Work is related to the survival of ours, the work is the beginning of worldliness and praise is a tool for us, but to act means people tell their story.

It is worth noting that Dr. Fazeli on the book "Sociology of Scientific Activists in Iran", Dr. Ayatollah Mirzaei, about the research project "Scientific Society and Ethics of Science in Iran", Dr. Farasatkhah, about the book "Sociology of Growth and Decline of Science in Iran" and Dr. Hossein Mirzaee about the book "The Emergence of Science and Society" made speeches all of which were written by the late Dr. Ghaneirad.

By: Niksiar