A two- day International Workshop on Research Management was held by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) and  Leibniz, Helmholtz, DFG, DLR Research Institutes on 7th.-8th. May, 2019. Some of the managers of the Iranian research institutes affiliated to the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and the Energy Research Institute participated at the workshop.

Topics such as "components of a modern research and development organization", "research strategies of modern organizations", "management in modern research organizations", "internationalization", "transformation in research institutes", "transformation in research projects "," collective activities in research”, “virtual research teams "," decision making and creativity "," transition from an R & D organization to an R & D management organization " were discussed at this Workshop. Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, advisor to the Minister of Science and NRISP President led the Iranian delegation attending the meeting.

 At the opening of the workshop, referring to the main priorities of Iran in the field of education, research and technology development activities, Dr. Ahmadi said: there are three main priorities in this regard including; helping the Country's economic growth through the development of science and technology; the commercialization of science and technology products; the development of the knowledge economy and the commercialization of research, and the internationalization of university education.

The advisor to the Minister of Science also referred to the important role of the Ministry of Science and the Science and Technology Council in defining the framework for major strategies of policy making and topics of research, and internationalization of science and technology through joint research with major and influential countries such as Germany.

Dr. Ahmadi said Germany and EU countries are the best target countries in developing collaborative research. He said; there are currently 28 joint research requests with the German DFG Institute and 16 requests for joint collaboration with the German BMF Institute. Mentioning the achievements of the Ministry of Science, universities and higher education institutions of Iran in international arenas, he said; the increase in the number of Iranian universities in world-class ranking systems, the increase in the number of academic papers and the increase in the attraction of foreign students are some examples in this regard.

According to Dr. Ahmadi, currently, 48,000 Iranian students are studying abroad and 54,000 international students are also enrolled in Iranian universities.

Then, Dr. Manuela Orian, Director of the Leipzig Institute in Berlin, started her discussion on "the components of a modern research and development organization" and gave some explanations about this kind of institute and the way in which the budget of research institutions are managed and the evaluation system of the research institutes in Germany.

 Following the speeches of Dr. Manuela Orian, Dr. Georg Gharaptian, Faculty Member of Amir Kabir University of Technology spoke about the goals and necessity of holding this workshop and said; although, research management methods in Germany are designed and implemented, but by a localized approach, we can learn this model and adapt it to the culture and activities of our research organizations and related structures in Iran.