The first meeting of Oil and Gas Exploration and Production Companies (E&P) was held on Monday, 15, January, 2018 at NRISP. At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, NRISP President, welcomed the distinguished guests and stated; this meeting is of great importance to me, since one of the major missions of NRISP is taking the responsibility of macro policies of STI in important areas such as energy and oil in the country. Fortunately, through the Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology (ATF), we have reached a stage in which coordinated and comprehensive work has been done on the fundamental, macroeconomic and policy-making activities which are a serious necessity for the development of our country.

NRISP President explained; our goal is to operate as a network with the help of the Companies themselves, NRISP experts and the partnerships and cooperation of the experts around the country, therefore, the National Network for Policy Studies has been formed at NRISP. Our main program as the think tank of the Ministry of Science, Research, and Technology is to discuss the S&T strategic issues of the country. He added; our companies did not have the capacity to cooperate with foreign companies, so, it was supposed to identify qualified E&P companies in order to develop and strengthen partnerships with international companies to become self-sufficient in the oil industry.

Eng. Aboutaleb who was the second speaker said; in a few steps and based on the call, we had been able to evaluate 17 E & P Companies and planned to direct the companies in a way that can be upgraded and meet our needs. At the very least, it is a roadmap that companies can actually upgrade on their own, for which we used good advisers.

In the following, Eng. Soleimani said: in the Ministry of Petroleum, Engineering Deputy, one of our duties is to evaluate the competence of contractors, E&P Companies and the Ministry advisors. He added; a model was developed as a model of excellence that players in the scene could enter the new oil contracts and enjoy the opportunity of partnership with international companies which ultimately leads to their growth. It was also argued that if we approve a company which has the minimum requirements, then what should be done that the company does not stop at the same step.

Then, Dr. Bagheri Moghddam, NRISP Deputy of Research and Technology and the Adviser to the Deputy Minister of the Ministry of Petroleum, said: "The adoption of a participatory approach for stakeholder participation in drafting plans and contracts is the most important reason for today's meeting." He also spoke about the decision  of the Ministry of Petroleum and NRISP to continue such meetings at all levels with the actors involved in oil contracts to achieve the result.

Mr. Heirani then presented a summary of the developed draft laws introducing the technology attachment of oil technology contract for exploration and production companies as well as the empowerment plans of these companies and asked the companies to submit their views. Then representatives of each company expressed their views on the policies of the Ministry of Petroleum of the technology attachment of oil contracts and plans to enhance the ability of exploration and production companies to appear on national and international markets.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided that special interviews should conduct by the consultant team with the company's representatives and another meeting should organize to finalize the program and the regulations.

By: Niksiar