Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Head of National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) delivered a speech at the first joint meeting with “International Intellectual Property Organization”. The meeting was held with the efforts of Vice Presidency for Science and Technology, with the focus on "Iran's Position in the Global Indicator of Innovation" and "Innovation as a Balanced Science and Technology Development with the Economy and Industry" on December 12, 2017at the Management Department of Tehran University.  

Referring to the activities of the Supreme Council for Science, Research and Technology (ATF), he said: "different organizations in the country have worked on the topic of monitoring science and technology but there has never been any convergence or integration between them" and so, according to the decision of the Supreme Council for Science, Technology and Innovation (ATF), the discussion of organizing the system of monitoring and evaluating science, technology and innovation was placed on the agenda of this Council and afterwards in the division of duties, monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of the goals and policies of communicating and determining the indicators of science, technology and innovation of the country has been entrusted to the Supreme Council of ATT.

The Head of NRISP explained about issues such as the division of institutional work among the activists of science and technology, the formation of a working group with 16 members to approve the report, the compilation of a comprehensive report on the functioning of the science, technology and innovation system based on 11 basic criteria and the determination of a national reference for publication of the official annual report of science, technology and innovation and considered them as the main features of this executive regulation.

He emphasized that the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology and peer organizations are responsible for the section of education, research and technology, and the section of R&D, commercialization and innovation is headed by Vice Presidency for Science and Technology and participation of peer organizations, and also National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) is responsible for the aggregation and meta-analysis of data.

Dr. Ahmadi added: "according to the ISI database, in the last five years, Iran has seen a significant increase in the number of articles published in the valid magazines in the world, reaching 8250 in 2016 from 6500 articles in 2012”.

By: Niksiar