In order to expand the cooperation of NRISP and the Social and Cultural Affairs Department of the Municipality of Tehran, a meeting was held at NRISP with the presence of Dr. Valiallah Shojapourian, Social and Cultural Deputy of Tehran Municipality; Dr. Morteza Tavakoli, Director General of Education and Social Participation of Tehran Municipality; Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science and NRISP President; Dr. Akram Ghadimi, NRISP Deputy of Research and Technology; Dr. Khosro Piri, Advisor to NRISP President and some of the faculty members of NRISP.

At the beginning of the meeting, stressing the history of NRISP cooperation with the ministries and policy makers and executive organizations, Dr. Ahmadi explained issues such as the formation of a national and transnational STI policy network, providing policy and program solutions to policy makers active in the field of science, technology and innovation, planning and implementation of the evaluation and monitoring of the STI system at the national and international levels, and NRISP impact on popularizing, empowering and raising skills in the policy fields of STI as the main strategies of NRISP.

Then, Dr. Ghadimi introduced the NRISP popularization activities and explained about programs such as holding popularization of science fairs in student theses, holding meetings on the review of popularization activities of various institutions and the conferences on the interaction between the academic system and the social sphere.

Pointing to the international measures of NRISP, she also stated; NRISP has been selected as the host institution of the UNESCO Chair in Popularization of Science and an international workshop with the collaboration of NAM Science and Technology Center entitled "Policy making in Popularization of Science, Technology and Innovation" will be held in the next year to develop a shared perspective.

Following the meeting, with reference to the topics of cooperation between NRISP and the Department of Cultural and Social Affairs of the Municipality, Dr. Tavakoli said; given the sense of belonging that the Social Deputy of Tehran Municipality has to the universities, these programs are initially expanded in cooperation with universities and research centers, and to do this we have held several meetings with cultural deputies of universities. He added that an agreement was finalized in the field of social affairs, based on the type of NRISP activities and the Social and Cultural Deputy, and now the agreement has been sent to the Municipality's Center of Laws and Regulations to finalize it.

Referring to the large capacities of Municipality of Tehran, he said; Tehran Municipality Observatory in Milad Tower is a good place to hold meetings. There are also two research centers in the Municipality that their capacity can be used.

In continuation, the Deputy of Cultural and Social Affairs of Tehran Municipality introduced the different departments of his Organization, and emphasized on the many opportunities and fields of work in the Deputy and said; we can organize joint panels and joint festivals together.