The consensus meeting of the Minister of Science, Research and Technology with the professors and leading scholars of the universities was held on Monday, 15 April, 2019.

The meeting was organized by NRISP. At this meeting, Dr. Gholami, Minister of Science; Dr. Ahmadi, NRISP President; Dr. Bagheri, Vice- Minister of MSRT; Dr. Boroumand, Deputy Minister For Research& Technology; and Dr. Ghaffari, Deputy Minister for Culture and Social Affairs were present.

At the beginning, Dr. Vahid Ahmadi said: the debate at the last meeting was over the development of universities, budgets, promotion regulations, faculty livelihoods, research ethics, the relationship between society and industry, increasing the authority of professors and universities, the role of universities in solving community’s problems, …., then all the comments were summed up and eventually it was decided to continue these meetings in a specialized and analytical form in the coming years.

Dr. Ahmadi, NRISP President stated: at the beginning of 2019, the Supreme Leader put forward some points and declared economic problems as the most pivotal ones, the problems of factories and their closure are among these economic issues. In addition, the discussion of intellectual presence of universities and their impacts on problem solving were strengthened. So, the university should have a good academic presence and management.

NRISP President pointed out; we hope that the opinions and suggestions of the professors will be put on the agenda of the officials in the form of an operational plan to create prosperity of production and increase the vitality of the people due to the constructive interaction of the university with the community.

Then Dr. Gholami, Minister of Science stated; the role of scientific activities to improve the current state of the country is one of the issues constantly being raised in various actual and virtual communities.

He added; recently, following the crisis of the flood in the country, there have been some debates in the social and political spaces about the role of universities, and questions and beliefs are generally based on the fact that universities can be effective in solving these problems. So, nowadays there is an expectation in the community that universities should enter these issues and take effective measures to resolve the crises.

Pointing out to the main aspects of scientific activities, the Minister of Science said; developing, discovering and inventing new scientific activities and moving towards solving the problems of the country are main aspects of scientific activities that every specialist should pay attention to.

Referring to the necessity of empowering and increasing the skills of the graduates, he emphasized on the need to review the educational models. The Minister stated; the field of education has now worked well on content transformation, but this alone is not enough, and it is necessary to examine and utilize it in the macro plans at the various fields of science, research and technology that the Ministry of Science is responsible for.

After the speeches of other officials, Dr. Gholami summed up the meeting and stated; systems always undergo changes, and the views of the professors can be used to improve the situation of higher education. We try to organize the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology in the general sense.