The first meeting of the Working Group on Renewable Energy and Electricity for the compilation of national document for science, technology and knowledge-based economy of energy was held at NRISP on Wednesday, Jul., 11, 2018 with the presence of managers and specialists from different organizations including; Ministry of Energy, Niroo Research Institute, Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade and Representatives of the country's top universities.

In this meeting, Dr. Zamanian, consultant for drafting the methodology of the project, while referring to the history of the projects and actions taken, explained the generalities surrounding its implementation framework. Then, Engineer Zamani, the project manager outlined the methodology and project implementation process and explained about the progress of the document.

The approvals of this meeting are:

  • Co-operation between renewable energy actors in collecting and integrating previous documents and studies;
  • The need to pay attention to the integrated system of science, technology and innovation;
  • The need to take into account the requirements for the implementation of the document;
  • Applying and paying attention to the 40 documents developed by the Technology Development Center at Niroo Research Institute;
  • Niroo Research Institute should focus on the collection of documents in various Organizations.

 It is worth noting that Dr. Naser Bagheri Moghdam, NRISP Deputy of Research leads this project.

By: Niksiar