The second meeting of the Steering Council to formulate the structure of regional management of the document on decentralization of higher education system was held at NRISP on Thursday, Sept.4, 2018.

At this meeting, Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science and NRISP President; Dr. Mojtaba Shariati Niasar, Deputy of Education of the Ministry of Science; Dr. Jafar Tofighi, Head of the Oil Industry Research Institute; Dr. Reza Farajidana, President's Advisor for Scientific and Educational Affairs, Dr. Maghsoud Farasatkhah, faculty member of  the Institute for Research and Planning in Higher Education, Dr. Mohammad Javad Rasaee, Advisor to the Head of the board of Trustees and Audit Committees of the Ministry of Science, Research and Dr. Hossein Rahimi, Advisor to the Deputy of Education of the Ministry of Science, Dr. Amir Nazemi and Dr. Reza Naghizadeh, NRISP faculty members as members of the Steering Committee for drafting the document were present.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ahmadi presented a brief report of the activities and said; after communicating the responsibility for drafting the document to NRISP by the Vice Minister of the Ministry of Science, in the first step, members of the Steering Board were appointed in his view. During this time, based on the set of debates raised at the first session, studies have been done on the upstream documents, the current status of Higher Education and the Ministry of Health and the structural and organizational status of different countries.

He added; in this regard, the challenges, the program of action and the division of tasks for the compilation of the document were examined by a team at NRISP and finally, a 500-page report is ready today. Referring to the assignments of NRISP, the advisor to the Minister of Science explained; to this end, according to the scientific model examined by NRISP, the functions of the Ministry of Science are divided into five fields; education, research and technology, finance and administration, culture and students and the Ministry's headquarters.

Dr. Ahmadi referred to the development of a regional management structure in accordance with the Higher Education document as the first mission in the provision for the governance structure of the Ministry of Science and then briefly reviewed the activities carried out and explained the steps to carry out the mission including; analysis of the current situation, designing the framework of change, mapping the transformation, and the way ahead.

He pointed out at the end: it is important to examine the contradiction between regional discussions and macro policies such as trusteeship duties, university autonomy, facilitation and speeding up of affairs.

Then, in this regard Dr. Tofighi, Dr. Farajidana and Dr. Shariati Niasar expressed their point of view. To complete the planning process, the meeting was scheduled to be followed by meetings with scholars and Heads of universities and research and technology centers in order to consider their views and opinions in setting up the program.

By: Niksiar