Iranian Association for Popularization of Sciences has held “The Week for Popularization of Sciences” simultaneous with “The World Science Day” with the aim of promoting the quality of programs and a structured movement with the cooperation of some cultural organizations since 2012. Following “The World Conference on Science”, the 10thNovember was determined as “the Global Day of Science for Peace and Development” by UNESCO and International Council for Science. To stress the importance of science in the development process of countries and reduce the gap between science and society are among the objectives of the program. And also, it is tried to attract the attention of people to the importance of the role of science in the worlds progress.
The programs of “The Week for Popularization of Sciences” include: the society’s benefit from the fruits of science, technology and innovation, creating an appropriate atmosphere of discourse on the impact of science, technology and innovation on everyday life, make arrangements for public visits to science museums of the Country, to introduce the science elders and scholars of the Country, to familiarize the students with the skills and scientific careers, public visiting of the centers and institutions involved in the interaction between science, peace and development and the introduction of some new areas of scientific research that improves the general quality of life. Popularization of science and its promotion are undeniable necessities in the community, because people need to know where the place of science in their lives is.