The country's top scientific associations were honored by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology at the Conference on Research, Technology and Social Responsibility at Tarbiat Modares University. Also, specialized panels including; the Panel of Scientific Associations and Popularization of Science, Panel of Studying Successful Experiences in the International Area, the Panel of Scientific Communities and Social Responsibilities were appreciated by the Minister of Science, Research and Technology after delivering their lectures at the Conference.

Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the MSRT Minister and NRISP President, and Dr. Akram Ghadimi, NRISP Deputy of Research and Technology and Director of Research Group for the Popularization of Science gave explanations about the concept of popularization of science and its importance, international approaches to popularization of science, the challenges of popularization of science, proposed strategies and actions, and the evaluation of scientific associations activities at the Panel of Scientific Associations and Popularization of Science.

Stressing that the efforts to reflect the scientific thoughts of all individuals and to popularize science, the spread of scientific thought and science, and the application of science at various levels of social life are the concepts of the popularization of science, Dr. Ahmadi said; popularization of science includes every action, and policy that leads to a reduction in the gap between scholars and science-based institutions on the one hand and the public as providers of scientific research funding on the other.

Dr. Ghadimi pointed out that in order to use the capacity of scientific associations to popularize the achievements of universities and create a scientific attitude in society, it was suggested to the commission of scientific associations that a section for popularization of science be added to the activities of the scientific associations. She said; in cooperation with the Commission, a questionnaire for the popularization activities of scientific associations was drafted in four fields: planning, organizing, guidance and monitoring and sent through the Commission to all scientific associations.

She said; the aim of assessing the questionnaires is such cases as priorities for popularization of science, examining the level of planning and monitoring of popularization activities of the scientific associations, encouraging the scientific associations to develop scientific activities and identifying current challenges in the field of popularization of science for the scientific community.

NRISP Deputy of Research and Technology stated; disregard for the popularization of science at the macro level, the lack of strategic planning for popularization activities of scientific associations and lack of a single measure of the activities of scientific associations in various fields of expertise are the main challenges identified in this field.

Dr. Ghadimi also said; in order to utilize the capacities of the scientific associations, it is suggested that plans be made for further interaction of NRISP with the associations. Also, using the capacity of the National Network of Research Policy and creating a database of scientific association’s members in this network, conducting joint programs and organizing inter-organizational plans and organizing inter-organizational cooperation and paying attention to publications in the field of popularization of science in this regard can have good impact.