The ceremony of unveiling the bust of Dr. Mohammad Amin Ghaneirad was held on Dec., 31. 2018 at NRISP with the presence of some senior administration officials. At this ceremony, Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science and NRISP President stated; we are glad to celebrate science and scientist. Usually it is customary to celebrate the martyrs, but we believe it should be celebrated for the elders of the scientific community as well. NRISP President also said; the character of Dr. Ghaneirad was a great honor for the country's scientific community and he was a very caring and precise individual on issues.

He then said; Tehran is a great city; it is a vibrant, cultural and well-developed city, but it still has no scientific appearance. We hope that with the presence of Dr. Hanachi in the municipality of Tehran, the link between the university and the urban community will get better. Today's ceremony that promotes the status of science is a great starting point for the university and municipality collaboration and National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) can play an important role in the development of science and technology by its capacities. He added that the late Professor Ghaneirad was responsible for developing the project of “Higher Education Governance System” and had a significant and effective activity in this field.

At this ceremony, Seyed Hossein Serajzadeh, Director of Iranian Sociological Association thanked the sociologists and the City Council Naming Committee for naming a street in the name of Dr. Ghaneirad. Expressing his satisfaction with the Naming committee's approach, he stated; Ghaneirad’s name has the worth to remain alive, although in the scientific community, his name remains alive with his works.

He added that Dr. Ghaneirad was very concerned about his social responsibilities and had a social commitment to reform the society, and continued this concern until the end of his life. Saying that Ghanaiedrad was in touch with the administrative and policy making bodys, the Director of the Iranian Sociological Association said; the situation has shaped his broad ties with the civil society and executive organizations.

Mohammad Javad Haghshenas, Head of the Commission for Social and Cultural Affairs of Tehran City Council was another speaker who said; three decades of Ghaneirad’s services in the field of sociology have led to his presence among the elders of this field. He also said; one of the tasks of the City Council is decision-making in the field of naming the urban places because paying attention to the names of science elders can provide a model for our young society.

 Dr. Ghaffari, MSRT Deputy Minister of Socio-Cultural Affairs said that Dr. Ghaneirad was a privileged sociologist in Iran and we have less sociologist who had spent as much time as he had spent for the society.

The mayor of Tehran, Dr.Pirouz Hanachi stated that the task of the city administration system is to pay special attention to the values of the city, in addition to its current affairs and naming a street in the name of Dr. Ghaneirad is in this way as Ghaneirad is one of the spiritual capital of Tehran. He then said; some people have many features that make them lasting in the history and one of them is Dr. Ghaneirad. One of the features of sociology is to identify many of the crises beforehand and Dr. Ghaneirad, with a critical view always had a dialogue and a great deal of courage in expressing the community’s problems. During his speech he said; we have two spectrum of colleagues either merely pursuing academic tasks or critically discussing issues and these people usually have a lot of influence on the society.

 He also said that the name of Dr. Ghaneirad will remain forever.