Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science and NRISP President was attended at the meeting of the Steering Committee of Iranian Association for Management of Technology (IRAMOT) which was held at NRISP Conference Hall on Sunday, May 28, 2018.

At the beginning of the seminar, the activities of IRAMOT were examined and discussed and some considerations were presented for the development of science and technology regarding the year’s slogan of Supporting Iranian Products.

Then, Dr. Ahmadi thanked the organizers of the meeting and said; IRAMOT has been a successful science association. Generally, leading an association requires technology, thought and innovation and in the first step, the old methods should be removed from the field. Therefore, examining the effectiveness of the Association requires more time and thought.

The adviser to the Minister of Science continued to focus on what is the main purpose of the Association and what it is going to do. He stated: many other activities of the Association, such as the independence of the Association from the government and how it can affect the society can be determined by specifying the priorities of the Association. As the Association's approach to social, political and cultural activities is determined, the way to deal with it also varies.

He pointed out at the end: regarding this year's slogan, “supporting the Iranian Products”, which, in my opinion is close to the activities of the Association, it should also be seen how this issue can be accessed. Moreover, the Association can provide the right position for achieving the goal by holding various meetings.

The meeting ended with comments from the audience on IRAMOT’s actions.

By: Niksiar