The memorial and funeral ceremonies of the deceased scientist Dr. Mohammad Amin Ghaneirad, NRISP faculty member and the previous President of the Iranian Sociological Association was held on Sunday, 17th., Jun 2018 at NRISP and Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran with the presence of Dr. Vahid Ahmadi, Advisor to the Minister of Science, Research and Technology and NRISP President, Dr. Masoud Broumand, Deputy Minister for Research& Technology, the family of the deceased and other people.

At the memorial ceremony, Dr. Ahmadi read his condolence message as follows:

 We belong to Allah, and to Him we will return. It's very hard, but I have to convey my condolences. While I was very sad in losing my father, I heard Dr. Ghaneirad passed away too. This news drowned me in a great sorrow and I could not accept it. Of course, I was aware of his long illness, but during our meetings his lofty spirit prevented him from expressing discomfort from his painful disease. He was a prominent scientist, a critic sociologist and familiar with pains of the society. He spent years of his precious life studying, researching, teaching and serving the scientific community. His scientific heritage from articles, books, manuscripts, lectures, and students is a great source of work in the scientific development of the Country.

He left us. He will be sorely missed by NRISP colleagues and the scientific community of the Country. I send my condolence of this great sorrow to ourselves, his friends and colleagues, students and the scientific community of the Country, and especially his respectful family.

At the funeral ceremony, which was held at the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, Ali Rabiee, Minister of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare, Abbas Akhundi, Minister of Roads and Urban Development, Mohammad Reza Aref and Elias Hazrati, Representative of the people of Tehran in the Islamic Parliament of Iran, Ashraf Boroujerdi, The Head of the National Library and Documentation Center, Seyed Hossein Serajzadeh, the Head of the Iranian Sociological Association, Reza Salehi Amiri and Taghi Azad Ermaki, and a group of university professors were present.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Dr. Seyed Mehdi Etemadifar, Head of the Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Tehran, pointed out in a brief speech to the precious period that the late Dr. Ghaneirad was responsible for the Iranian Sociological Association and said: "what is left of Ghaneirad is his hopes and his greatest asset was also hope.

In the continuation of the ceremony, Dr. Serajzadeh, Head of Iranian Sociological Association gave speech as follows; today, we bid farewell to a great scientist and we lost a great social capital. He was a prominent Iranian sociologist with popularity among academic circles as well as civil society. Dr. Ghaneirad was thoroughly devoted to institutionalizing dialogue among Iranians for the purpose of solving social problems.

Following conveying the condolences, the message of First Vice President was read, and then Ghaffari, the Deputy Minister for Cultural affairs of the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology read the message of Dr. Gholami, the Minister of Science, Research and Technology on losing Dr. Ghaneirad.

At the end of the ceremony, Erfan Ghaneirad, the son of late Dr. Ghaneirad spoke briefly: One of the most important ethical features of my father was his high degree of pride. He used to complain less and sometimes, in the relationship between father and son, he used to criticize and complain in order to educate me.

The father believed that the society gives pain and also provides the treatment of it. The pain that my father was suffering was the pain of the community. Father could not see the pain of society and stay silent.

By: Niksiar