The 2nd meeting of popularization of science in Iran entitled “The Background and Approaches to Popularization of Science” was held at NRISP on Wednesday August, 19, 2017 with the presence of Dr. Akram Ghadimi, Associate Professor of NRISP and Dr. Hossein Sheikh-Rezaei, Assistant Professor of NRISP and a number of experts in this field.

At the beginning of the meeting, Dr. Ghadimi referred to the background and approaches to the popularization of science and stated; Popularization of Science is the transfer of knowledge and expertise from a specialist to a non-specialist community.

She added; there are two broad meanings of Popularization of Science. On the one hand, the Popularization of Science involves; the dissemination of specific sciences to a wide range of people and on the other hand, it involves; changing the public view and changing the culture of the people towards the use of science and its benefits.

She added; the Popularization of Science is an attempt to publicize science, spread scientific thought and science culture, and applying science to different levels of social life. In general, it can be said that the Popularization of Science is an attempt to capture scientific ideas, in such a way that each person can understand the basic basis of scientific concepts and understand its main essence. The Popularization of Science has three stages with its own characteristics which includes:

A: Acceptance of science by the public;

B: Public understanding of science;

C: Public Participation in Science.

She stated; the Popularization of Science, which was once only in the form of publication of the latest scientific achievements in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, has already taken on a new form like: science shops, science restaurants and cafes, science parks and museums, and public scientific conferences, all of which indicate the emergence of a new stage in this evolution and historical transformation.

In this meeting, Dr. Sheikh-Rezaei described techno-science and stated; from a techno-science perspective, it is a collection of technology and science, while the popularization of techno-science is also a process used to bring techno-science (content, methodology, institution..) closer to the non-specialists.

He added; there are different approaches in this area: consolidation approach, public understanding of science approach, textured approach and participative approach. For example; consolidation approach to the period of scientific revolution relates to the recognition of science, a period in which even the common people can join this lifestyle.

He stated; in my opinion, the main priority of the Popularization of Science in Iran, can be the last approach that is the participative approach. If the government and the Sovereignty want to work in this field, the best thing is to provide the ground for the influence of public opinion on science and technology policy.

Dr. Sheikh-Rezaei concluded: there are also potential risks in the Popularization of Science including; the opposition of techno-science scientists and politicians, the lack of suitable cultural platform for democratic participation.

At the end of the meeting, experts and interested people in the field of Popularization of Science, while asking questions in this regard presented their views.

By: Niksiar